The snake waits under the “Karma”

The other day got in a vegetarian bar to eat a hamburger (of soy), and when I went to pay the owner gave me a book of Buddhist thought. When I got home, I take a look and I found an example of the shameful concept of karma.

Attentive to the next paragraph of the brochure:

“In the life of each one, part is the effect of acts performed in the past, and another part is the effect of acts of this life. In the world, some has born lucky, others in misery, but it is the karma of each one… “

Then I thought of the poisoned thoughts that can come in a doctrine so smiling. I have always nurtured from Buddhist wisdom, but I’ve realized the danger involved in some of its most relevant concepts. For me the concept of “karma” is a conception shameful, stupid, simplistic and especially dangerous.

If I see a disabled person in the street why should I help it if he is responsible for his fate?

According to the concept of Karma: The poor, the sick, the sufferer is blame for their misfortune

In many historical situations where people are tortured, humiliated, vexed other, always, to justify their own behavior, have made use of religions or ideologies that are based on “belief in a just world”:  “a world where people “get what they deserve.”

Sin, karma, race …allow us to think that all that happens is due to an alleged irrefutable logic:

“Have an illness, you’ve surely committed a sin”.

“Are poor: you were wrong in previous life”.

In short, according to these doctrines:

The poor, the sick, the sufferer is responsible for his misfortune

If something bad happens, the victim should seek it or he attracted it of somehow. Of course, these beliefs are set to protect the believer:  if the world is not a fair place, anyone can be a victim of cruel reversals of fate.

What cowards are the majority of us. We do not support the idea that randomness rules a part of our destiny. As much as we behave well, to be honest and virtuous, that we cannot avoid suffering a misfortune. Every know. But even so we made up a load of nonsense, as is the case of karma, supposed to feel us a little safer. And we do not realize that by buying a bit of false comfort we open the doors to hell itself.

When you are eating a soy burger remember the smile of the “karma”.




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