A trivial, insubstantial and useless flowerpot I


– “You are lunatic and dirty! Do not see when you water the plants to flood my balcony!”

– “Lunatic are you! Your balcony is wet because you have not properly waterproofed. And I’m not going to let my plants die because of your negligence”.

– “I did not know the pain that awaited me when buying this apartment… Also your plants are poorly secured and will one day it will fall and to kill someone…”

– “Fuck you”.

The screams were heard from his small study. “Are back. What way spend your life so stupid. All day insulting each other”. He went to the balcony and closed the door to try to muffle the sound of their cries. “Luckily I live in an apartment above theirs, if not I would be in the middle of the fray”.

He returned to his study. Before resuming work, he stretched himself are trying to activate your muscles. “Life so empty that such people had, mired in the ignorance from beginning to end, nothing interesting to feed their minds; not to be silly programs on TV and your endless discussions”. He sat back, turned on lamp. “Let’s go back to work.”

Our hero had always been passionate about ancient Egypt. He was a devourer of everything about this culture. Also he had even dived to study the translation of hieroglyphic writing. Now he was engaged in tracking items that Christianity may have inherited from ancient Egypt. He was a staunch defender that had a clear relationship between Moses and the rebel Pharaoh Amenhotep IV; although no contemporary (the time gap is about 150 years each other), Was very likely that Moses could be affected by the revolutionary beliefs of the Pharaoh (only one God, a God who must not be represented …) Not forget us that Moses was raised and educated in Pharaoh’s palace: It is impossible that despite the passage of time does not remain echoes of Amenhotep IV.

I was just working in the stele of the governor Inhuretnakht and his wife  Hui (BM EA 1783). Piece from archeological site Nag’ed-Deir, which was dated in the First Intermediate Period and represented a classic example of regional style at that particular moment, as much in terms of its artistic merits so as in the wording of the registration.

He had achieved on an image of the stele to segment its text: break the inscription in words. Because…






This is an example.

You have no problem in reading, so the Egyptian artists thought the same of their potential readers (basically Gods).

He had solved before the problem of reading direction because that they written from left to right or vice versa; depending on the aesthetic sense they wanted enhance. This was easily solved, only we need to see one of the symbols that represent an animal: for example, you look at the end of the first line and will  see a dog (is a jackal in the name of the God Anubis), the animal looks at the right; this indicates that this text should be read right-left.


Was already very late, it was time to go to bed. “Tomorrow would be another day”.



Egyptian symbols and illustrations:

Introduction to Egyptian hieroglyphics

Mark Collier & Bill Manley



2 Respuestas a “A trivial, insubstantial and useless flowerpot I

  1. Hola! Permítanme primera observación que ¿Seguro logrado hacer un sitio web muy bonito. También me gustaría preguntarle algo que está relacionado con este blog. ¿Tiene una idea para escribir de una manera profesional o ser dueño de un blog es básicamente sólo un pasatiempo de los tuyos?

    • Este blog no tiene ninguna aspiración profesional, solo existe para compartir mis pensamientos y lecturas q creo puedan ser utiles para los demás .


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