A trivial, insubstantial and useless flowerpot II


When he came back from job ate quickly and returned to work in the stele Egyptian. Now going to take out what he really looked interesting: the line 4 of text.

From the first moment it seemed him that oozed the ethics that would inherit later Christianity.

Now he prepared to recheck their meaning in the dictionary (to search a dictionary of hieroglyphics: take the first symbol of the word and by it you can find its meaning; like you do in your own language). To make your job easier he reverse the direction of text reading, to coincide with the dictionary put the words from left-right. Therefore the text was as follows:

“Well, now the translation”. The first group of symbols means: I. The second (top-down) : give; and the bottom dentate line is that timing is past, therefore: GAVE. The third group of hieroglyphics: BREAD. The fourth, HUNGRY. The fifth, CLOTHES. And the last, NAKED.

So that the translation of the fourth line of text on Stele (BM EA 1783) was saying:


Moved his chair backwards, closed his eyes and began ringing in his mind the words of the Gospels. No doubt he had the same ethics that underlay both civilizations.

The sound of screams brought him to reality. Her neighbors were again…

– “You are lunatic and dirty! Do not see when you water the plants to flood my balcony!”

– “Lunatic are you! Your balcony is wet because you have not properly waterproofed. And I’m not going to let my plants die because of your negligence”.

– “I did not know the pain that awaited me when buying this apartment… Also your plants are poorly secured and will one day it will fall and to kill someone…”

– “Fuck you”.

“Are back. What way spend your life so stupid. All day insulting each other”. He went to the balcony and closed the door to try to muffle the sound of their cries. “Luckily I live in an apartment above theirs, if not I would be in the middle of the fray”.

He realized that he had not bought bread for dinner, and had run out of cigarettes.

“I’ll go out to buy”

Under the stairs with the mind set in ancient Egypt, in that culture so far and near. On the sidewalk he heard a cry, and felt a tremendous blow to the head.

A trivial, insubstantial and useless flowerpot of his neighbor had sent him to the west shore of the Nile.

– “I knew one day going to kill somebody. “


Egyptian symbols and illustrations:

Introduction to Egyptian hieroglyphics

Mark Collier & Bill Manley



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