Let’s look out at the unknowable.

Simplicity can be converted into complex… simple is complex… or is the language we use (including mathematical one) can turn what is obviously simple into immensely complex.

Let’s look out at the unknowable.

Let’s take a ruler, pencil and paper.

We will draw a segment.

Well, we draw a perpendicular in  end B of equal size that AB

Now we link A with C

Take heed the segment AC … Do you see something strange?


Stay tuned, because it is a dangerous segment. For their cause some have committed murder.

The Pythagoreans believed that everything in nature can be reduced to numbers. And, of course, the segments too. But Hippasus discovered something disturbing about this “apparent” simple segment.

Now to work. Let’s calculate the measure of AC.

We will apply the Pythagorean theorem.

Consider that AB and BC are worth 1.


Let us calculate the square root

But if we catch a calculator more powerful

…even more powerful…

¡ AAhhggg!

This segment is unknowable, neither now nor in the future we will know the value of that “simplex” segment AC. There is no rule, calculator or computer that the human brain can design that unveil the mystery of this piece of straight. It is as if when it was coming to its end we fall into a precipice infinite mathematical…4142135623731…

We return to watch the segment AC and we don´t see something strange. But therein lies the unfathomable infinity.

The Pythagoreans terrified by the discovery drowned to Hippasus.  So the secret rested on the bottom of the ocean, away from the eyes of mere mortals.



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